21 February 2016. Ted Cruz rally outside of Draft Picks Sports Bar, Parhump, Nevada.

flags_flag_usa Photos by Darcy Padilla

Ted Cruz: Dead-end

After announcing the suspension of his campaign, Ted Cruz now leaves free rein to his rival Donald Trump in the running for the Republican nomination.

Buy Pictures USA, 2 May 2016

Though he declared that he would fight as long as there is a chance to win, the Indiana primary on the 3rd of May has destroyed his last hopes.

Born in 1970, in Calgary (Canada), from an American mother and a Cuban father, Ted Cruz is representative of a party that has toughened its positions on several societal topics : anti-abortion, pro-guns, anti-income tax, refuting the reality of global warming, he has been able to seduce the evangelical electorate along with the right wing of the Republican Party.

During his campaign, he had managed to become the last defence against Donald Trump and he even seemed able to prevent the property magnate from getting the 1237 delegates required for the investiture in July.

From now on, the Republican Party will have to compromise with Trump, a candidate that is feared for his outrageous opinions and his incontrollable style.