Second round of
Les Républicains’ primary

Philippe Brault and Bertrand Desprez were at the headquarters of Les Républicains primary’s two candidates.

Buy Pictures Paris, France, 27 November 2016

The first results, given by the High Authority, give the victory to François Fillon.

After eliminating Nicolas Sarkozy at the first round of the primary, his former Prime Minister will be the right-wing party candidate for the French presidential election.

By running a three-years field campaign, building up on the expectations of a conservative, catholic, traditional and provincial electorate, François Fillon succeeded to confounded the forecast and he breaks the fade picture that his rivals want to give him.

Finally, by offering a calmer attitude, and running a very right-wing program, François Fillon is winning the Républicains electors adhesion.

France, Paris, 27 novembre 2016 Discours de François Fillon après l'annonce de sa victoire à la primaire de la droite et du centre, organisée par Les Républicains.

France, Paris, 27 November 2016
François Fillon’s speech after the announcement of his victory in the primary organized by Les Républicains © Bertrand Desprez.