flags_flag_usa Photos by Guillaume Zuili

L.A. Fleet Week:
In the Navy

Four ships of the US Navy docked at the San Pedro’s port for the traditional Fleet Week, which took place each year for the Labour Day.

Buy Pictures Los Angeles, USA, 3 September 2016

American fleet ships visiting (USS America, USS Wayne E. Meyer and CGC Active), pictures with US Navy Marines, educational event: the L.A Fleet Week is, like each year, a major public relations operation for the US army, who knows how to hit the nerve of the American patriotism.

This is also an opportunity, for a few 5,000 Marines, to go ashore enjoying the bars, the concerts and the appeal of their prestigious white uniform, turning a small and quiet city into a into a non-stop party Town for a week.

In the United-States, the support to the army overcomes any political boundaries, and no one would dare to say who of the former Secretary of the Defense in the Obama administration or the real estate mogul, who erected the defense of the nation into a pillar of his speech, will win the support of the military.