France, Paris, 14 juin 2016 Le cortège part de la Place d’Italie, pour rejoindre les Invalides.

France, Paris, 14 June 2016
The protesters are gathered at Place d’Italie and walk to Les Invalides.

flags_flag_usa Photos by Philippe Brault

French Trade Unions
« En Marche ! »

Another day of National strike against the Labour Law reform was organized on Tuesday 14th June by French trade unions, whereas Minister Myriam El Khomri’s legal text is being examined at the Senate.

Buy Pictures Paris, France, 14 June 2016

They were about 80 000 demonstrators, according to the police, at the Place d’Italie, walking to Les Invalides. This gathering is the most important one since the beginning of the rallying, three months ago.

Though they didn’t manage to find their place in the moment, the trade unions wanted this day to be a weighty proof of their influence as an opposition force against the economic policy of the government.

40 woundeds, 58 interrogations : those figures reveal another reality. Despite a significant police presence and the importance of several syndicates’ security units, the demonstration has been the place of serious confrontations.