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Bernie Sanders
A future to believe in

Through his slogan « A Future to believe in », Bernie Sanders embraces the future and manages to unite a part of the American youth.

Buy Pictures Iowa City, USA, 30 January 2016

Bernie Sanders, candidate for the Democratic Primaries and Hillary Clinton’s unexpected rival, has known a dazzling break, seizing upon a part of the electorate that is disappointed by the Democratic favorite.

He establishes himself as the « anti-system » candidate that the youth had been waiting for, defending, among other values, the right to request free student loans in the public higher education system.

His campaign rests on two pillars that he affirms despite all opposition : the necesity of revolutionary social reforms and the rejection of any kind of establishment.

USA, Iowa, Iowa City, 30 January 2016 Iowa Caucus. Bernie Sanders rally at the University of Iowa. USA, Iowa, Iowa City, 30 janvier 2016 Iowa Caucus. Meeting de Bernie Sanders à l'Université d'Iowa. Darcy Padilla / Agence VU

30 January 2016. Bernie Sanders rally at the University of Iowa.