France, Paris, 14 novembre 2016 Discours d'Alain Juppé lors d’un meeting de campagne au Zénith de Paris, avant le premier tour de la primaire de la droite et du centre.

France, Paris, 14 November 2016
Alain Juppé’s speech during a rally at the Zénith de Paris, before the first round of the primary organized by Les Républicains.

flags_flag_usa Photos by Michaël Zumstein

Alain Juppé at the Zénith

A few days before the first round of the primary organized by the right-wing party Les Républicains, the favorite candidate of the polls Alain Juppé gathered his campaigners at the Zénith de Paris.

Buy Pictures Paris, France, 14 November 2016

6000 people came to hear the Mayor of Bordeaux who presented his program and painted himself as the exact opposite of Nicolas Sarkozy. He presented himself as a unifying and soothing candidate, knowing that he can win with a massive participation of the electors of the center.

Since the announcement of Donald Trump’s election in the United-States, and the failure of the polling organizations, this strategy, which seemed to be the right one for weeks, is no longer reassuring the candidate’s entourage.