29 November 2016

Photographer : Claude Pauquet

For VU’ Politics, Claude Pauquet is currently working on a series about the political supporters, where every person portrayed is invited to freely express about militancy and the personal reasons of its commitment.

France, Sèvres-Anxaumont, 27 November 2016
After the vote, during the second round of the Les Républicains’ primary.

Portrait of Laurent T, 39 years old, senior executive in an insurance company.
“I have been a member of Les Républicains for less than 6 months. I trust in the values of work and family. I disagree with a too conservative right-wing who mixes religion and politic.
Depending of the result of the second round of the primary, I may decide not to vote for the right at the 2017 presidential election, but for Emmanuel Macron instead.»