23 March 2017

Photographer : Claude Pauquet

For VU’ Politics, Claude Pauquet is currently working on a series about the political supporters, where every person portrayed is invited to freely express about militancy and the personal reasons of its commitment.

France, Niort, 18 March 2017
Portrait of Vincent M., 36 years old, permaculture gardener guide and member of the association La Dynamo, based in Niort, which is dedicated to the development and diffusion of all kinds of local initiatives and cultures.

“I think of myself as an associative multi-recidivist, willful and determined.
I’m bored of the political apparatus and big parties, which will never do anything but what “Brussels” wants. Nowadays, the only political action which is really pure, is in the emergence of a local citizenship.
We’re part of this emergence and we’re counting on those who are sharing our values and methods to become a true citizen lobby. Because under the cover of anonymity, our small group gives us a much bigger and durable fighting strength.
Facing a wildfire, we are no longer a group of small hummingbirds, but a “F..king” elephant.”