26 January 2017

Photographer : Claude Pauquet

For VU’ Politics, Claude Pauquet is currently working on a series about the political supporters, where every person portrayed is invited to freely express about militancy and the personal reasons of its commitment.

France, Poitiers, 26 January 2017
During a demonstration organized by French trade union CGT, against the visit of President François Hollande at the Poitiers public hospital.
Portrait of Hélène D., 33 year-old, perfumery saleswoman.

“I have been militating since 2013, because I got aware that everything in this world is governed by the capital. My big boss is Bernard Arnaud, the wealthiest man in France, and it is important to militate for humans and not only for the capital.I go to every manifestation, whether it is for retired people, for the hospital…
Now, what would be great is that everyone would be united, citizens, unions. It is getting worse and worse, there are more and more poor people, poverty is getting poorer and poorer.
I am going to vote for Jean Luc Melenchon, without any hesitation!”