Philippe Brault

Photographer and film director, member of VU’, Philippe Brault is based in Paris.

At the very end of the eighties, when, in Lebanon, he discovers the civil war and decides to show the violence affecting the civil population, Philippe Brault has chosen to place his photojournalism practice in the tradition of long term projects. In Cairo, Kosovo or in Guatemala, he tries to show the daily-life of his subjects, often victims of a violence contained outside.

As a committed investigator, has also worked on the consequences of the Hurricane Katrina, and on the hope that Obama’s campaign conveyed.

In 2010, Philippe Brault considers new multimedia approaches where the story-telling and the editing takes the viewer into a new journalistic experience. In 2011, he has co-directed Prison Valley with the journalist David Dufresne, a web documentary on the penitentiary industry in the United States for which they won many prizes. In 2013, he produced “Le jeu des 1000 histoires”, a web-documentary on the oldest French radio game. During the same year, he works on David Dufresne’s new web-documentary “Fort McMoney”, which deals with the tar sands oil extraction in Northern Canada. In 2015, he directs “Profession, aumônier des prisons” for Arte.

Philippe Brault follows demonstrations against the labour law reform and the installation of the #NuitDebout movement.

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